You don’t have to own an expensive brand bag to satisfy your bag fetish – there are many bags and large purses available that look more expensive than they are. In fact, many handbag consumers are opting for quality and style over brand names these days. 


Since you've made your way to The Large Purse Shop, it's safe to say that you have champagne tastes, no matter whether you have the budget to match. We know what it's like not to be able to buy everything you want (we spend all day looking at designer handbags, remember), so here we have some bags that may help.


Our collection of genuine, quality handbags and large purses, look like they cost way more than what they do, and they'll all make you look like a million bucks for a lot less than even some of the entry point brand name bags.


At the Large Purse Shop we focus on quality and style. Many of our bags are made in leather, especially luxury Italian leather, which not only smells good, looks good and feels good, but are designed to stand the test of time. If you look after your leather handbag, nurture it and store it well it will last a very long time and look good your many years to come.

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